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Audio files from the District Court

On June 1, the AROD's civil disobedience outside the Main police station went to court. The Judge was informed in advance of the need for en effective remedy, but the case got a Magistrate who concealed human rights violations. Both the prosecutor and the judge were sufficiently informed to know better, but the merits of the law were not explored. Instead, public panic and punishment on dubious premises were continued by the District Court, and here are the audio files.

SQUARE sivil ulydighet tiltale 1 juni.jpg
1 Tiltale

Reading of the Indictment

The prosecutor does not want the Court to provide an effective remedy. The defense explains that it is the duty of the court to look at the relationship between drug prohibition and the Norwegian constitution.

SQUARE sivil ulydighet fri forklaring mikalsen 1 juni.jpg
2 Fri Forklaring Mikalsen Del 1 av 3
3 Fri Forklaring Mikalsen Del 2 av 3
4 Fri Forklaring Mikalsen Del 3 av 3

The Defendant Speaks

The defendant explains the principles of human rights and their relevance to drug policy. The Judge interrupts several times  to steer the proceedings away from constitutional territory. As she said: “We must separate between jurisprudence and assessing incompatibility with the constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.”

The defense attorney explains about the rule of law, the right to an effective remedy, and the duty of the Magistrate to end the regime of arbitrary detention.

The defendant holds the Judge and the prosecutor to account for failing the rule of law and covering up State crimes.

SQUARE sivil ulydighet politiadvokat prosedyre 1 juni.jpg
5 Aktors Prosedyre Del 1 av 2
6 Aktors Prosedyre Del 2 av 2

The Prosecution's sentencing case

The Police attorney does not care about the firmament of law. The prosecution asks for 15 days suspended sentence and a fine of 5000 Norwegian kroner.

SQUARE sivil ulydighet prosedyre advokat 1 juni.jpg

The Defense’s sentencing case

The Defense attorney presents the constitutional argument for abolishing Sections 231 and 232 of the Norwegian Penal Code.

7 Advokats Prosedyre Del 1 av 3
8 Advokats Prosedyre Del 2 av 3
9 Advokats Prosedyre Del 3 av 3
SQUARE sivil ulydighet avsluttende replikk 1 juni.jpg
10 Replikk Mikalsen

The Defendant's last words

The defendant speaks to the hypocrisy of the Norwegian Justice system. When the Norwegian Ship Owners’ economic interests were in danger, the court would control the political process and secure rights. Nevertheless, when drug users ask the court to look at the rights of offenders to be free from arbitrary persecution and detention, the court refuses to investigate.

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