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As announced, AROD had a sale of cannabis outside the main police station in Oslo on 11 september, 2021, and Life Liberty Books follows the quest for justice with a blog. Here you will find case correspondence.

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The case is moving forward in the Norwegian system of justice, and this document to the court frames the human rights argument as well as the legal proceedings.

Several ministers are summoned to testify, and AROD is looking forward to an orderly process where constitutional considerations are put first.

The police attorney does not wish to allow evidence that would support allegations of human rights violations in AROD's civil disobedience case to be presented in court. Nevertheless, It is the court's task to present an effective remedy, and this document elaborates on the importance of the evidence.

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The Norwegian court has decided that the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Health, and other key witnesses in charge of drug policy shall not be compelled to testify before the court.

Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the state to justify punishment, and key questions remain to be answered.

AROD will continue to hold authority to account, and here are our questions:


The case was processed by the District Court on 1. June 2022. Arguing that the business of the court was to look at the law and not at the relationship to human rights, the Judge refused to let the defense present any witnesses, documentation, or documentary evidence in support of our claim that there is a connection between moral panic, human rights violations and the arbitrary persecution of the past.


This decision has been sent to the Court of Appeals. The defence holds that the right to fair trial and effective remedy has been breached, that it takes a human rights analysis to decide whether punishment is just, and that the Court of Appeals must reject the decision of the District Court.

On 26. October 2022, the Court of Appeals decided that the appeal was without merit, and that no further action should be taken by the court.

This decision has been appealed to the Supreme Court. The defense upholds that the right to a fair trial and effective remedy dictates that the evidence for human rights violations is accepted by the court, that a human rights analysis must be done, and that this is the only way to preserve the rule of law.



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