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AROD to U.S. Authorities:

Censorship at the Commission on Unalienable Rights


What promised to be a new dawn for the US constitution, has become another travesty of justice.


The Commission on Unalienable Rights was tasked to look at the principles behind US constitutional heritage and to provide advice on challenges. It was also supposed to make all public submissions available online. However, despite assurances to the contrary, the Commission continues to hide our correspondence from the public.


There is a reason for this, as our letters reveal a distance between theory and practice that elements of power want to keep concealed. In our letters, we provide links documenting how U.S. citizens have been denied constitutional rights and a meaningful review of drug policy more than 100 times. We also show how corrupt factions have infiltrated the political process, but the Commission does not want to delve on this. Nor does it want the public to find out. Hence, it is up to you:

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