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Mikalsen v Norway

Follow Norwegian activists on a quest for justice!

As more and more countries want to regulate the cannabis market to protect public health, no state can take for granted that the drug prohibition is necessary. Instead, liberty interests are at stake and the European Court of Human Rights has been asked to rule on the legitimacy of the prohibition.


For more than 50 years, governments have failed to subject drug laws to critical review, and this series expands upon the failure of the state to protect the citizenry in times of moral panic. As shown, prohibition is a threat not only to society but also to citizens whose rights remain ignored, and this documentary provides the basic insight needed to help humanity out of a collective psychosis.

Episode 1 poster 2 x 3 blue.jpg

Episode 1 connects drug policy to the arbitrary persecution of the past. The morality of prohibition is shown to depend upon double standards to exist and persecution continues because of public panic. Even so, the increased tension between the experts and the politicians is a testimony that a paradigm shift is happening, and this episode honours the Norwegian drug users’ struggle for their rights.

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Episode 2 expands on the disconnect between human rights and drug policy. To the extent that a regulated market is better for the protection of public health, the drug prohibition cannot fulfil a legitimate purpose. Instead, the morality of the drug law is exposed as an evil to be deposed and this episode presents the argument for human rights violations.

Episode 3 poster 2 x 3 blue.jpg

Episode 3 deals the final blow to the authority of the drug law. On 13 April 2023, the European Court of Human Rights examined the human rights argument, and this episode presents the verdict of the European Court. People in power clearly have much to answer for, and this ender exposes the agents of tyranny, leaving an open wound to be healed.

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