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AROD Human Rights Campaign

As announced, AROD and PASCAN held a civil disobeidence action at the Norwegian Storting on 22 September, 2022. Here you will find video documentation of this historic event.

AROD and PASCAN speeches and activism at Eidsvolls Square, 22 September, 2022

Youtube video with English subtitles found here

Cannabis delivered to the Storting

At the event at Eidsvolls Plass, there was no intervention by the Norwegian police.

After the event therefore, activists decided to bring cannabis to the Storting, in order to force politicians to deal with a lawless room that has evolved in the drug reform.

The guards did not want to talk with us, not did they want us to leave the cannabis behind.

However, we believe that the politicians should face the problem of disproportionate punishment, and the plants were left for the politicians to figure out a solution.

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