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Correspondence with Norwegian Authorities

(English translation marked orange)




Ministry of Health and Care Services

This correspondence explains why we hold the Minister of Health responsible for violating inherent rights of the people.


Ministry of Justice and Public Security

This correspondence explains why we came to hold the Minister of Justice constitutionally responsible for violating inherent rights of the people.


Office of the Prime Minister

This correspondence explains why we came to hold the Prime Minister constitutionally responsible for violating inherent rights of the people.

Ministry of Children and Equality

This correspondence explains why we came to hold the Minister of Children and Equality constitutionally responsible for violating inherent rights of the people.


Norwegian Child Welfare Services

For several years, Norwegian parents have been persecuted outside the perimeters of the rule of law. The Norwegian state unjustly targets their kids and this correspondence explains why we ask employees to resist the status quo.


The Police


For more than a decade, the Norwegian police have been instrumental in violating human rights. They have long ignored our call for responsible policing and in this correspondence we ask some questions that must be answered.

As prohibition continues without regard for the rule of law, AROD have held Norwegian public officials to account for violating human rights:

Regarding the AROD civil disobediance campaign:



Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

For 10 years the Norwegian Director of Public Prosecutions has denied drug law violators the right to an effective remedy. In this letter, (which is in English) we attempt to open a channel of communication and arange for a constructive legal process by asking how much cannabis he wants delivered before accepting--and supporting--the right to an effective remedy:

The Norwegian Police Union

The Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs

AROD have informed this committee on unconstitutional affairs related to the current regime. Unfortunately, this committee has proved too weak to deal with complaints of such stature.

NIM, the Norwegian NHRI

For several years NIM, the Norwegian Human Rights Institution, has ignored the rights of drug law violators. This correspondence explains why we have pursued a quest to have its current A-status as a protector of Human Rights removed.

Norwegian Drug Law Reform

Norway is in the process of reviewing its drug policies and AROD have been pushing for a constitutional review of drug policy. First, in order to have the Standing Committee on Health and Care services respect the rights of the people, and secondly, to have the established commission on drug law reform ensure that rights are not ignored.

Correspondence with the Standing Committee on Health and Care services:

Correspondence with the Royal Commission on Drug Law Reform:

The report of the Royal Commission was devastating to prohibitionists. Its chapter on human rights, together with the principled reasoning put forth as to why punishment is not advisable, has opened the door for further actions, and AROD and other organizations have written a letter to the Minister of Health on the necessity of abiding by state obligations.

AROD against NRK

With the Royal Commission finishing its report, the Norwegian media has been a hothouse for debate on drug policy. In 2020 alone AROD had 28 articles in the national newspapers, but one news organization (NRK) has been adamant in denying a voice to the persecuted population. For this reason AROD has filed a complaint with the Norwegian Press Complaints Commission:

AROD letter to all politicians


As drug policy reform progresses, AROD have sent such a letter to every politician at the Norwegian Storting, informing about constitutional duties in times of moral panic: 

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