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As more and more nations regulate the cannabis market to protect public health, no state can take for granted that the prohibition fulfils a legitimate purpose. Instead, a human rights analysis is needed to look at the rights of drug law violators, and several times AROD has brought cannabis to the Norwegian authorities to have this issue resolved before the courts.


Even so, all attempts to challenge the law have been met by a wall of silence. For more than a decade, even the European Court of Human Rights has shied away from its duty to deliver a verdict on this issue, and the right of 700 million citizens to a fair trial and an effective remedy has yet to be recognized.

Therefore, on the 16th of November, with five letters, AROD launched a new campaign of civil disobedience to assist the rule of law. Inside these letters, there is sufficient cannabis to get a case before the court, and time will tell how the Norwegian state will respond.

Will AROD be allowed five days in court to show a connection between  drug policy and the arbitrary persecution of the past, or will the Norwegian state continue to ignore the evidence of human rights violations?

New Civil Disobedience

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